Becoming a VCO

Getting started with our white label cloud is pretty easy. But still, we think support is very important so we onboard every virtual cloud operator (VCO) on a personal level. We create your personal IAM portal, cloud portal, users and give you a personal training.

You’ll be good to go in just 4 steps! 

Quick sign-up

First you need to fill in the onboarding form on the afriQloud website.

2. Intake and branding

We get in touch with you to learn about your business and its needs and then provide you with all the paperwork. Once this is done, we start the creation of your branded portal and IAM portal.

3. Launch

Once everything has been set-up, you are ready to deploy your first cloudspaces. We will help you do this during the onboarding process and explain all the functions. This can be done remote to multiple users.

4. VCO certification

We provide regular VCO training sessions during which your team can get to know the platform. These hands-on sessions take place over two days, at the end of these sessions you will receive your VCO certification.

Onboarding form

This form sets out the contractual agreements between afriQloud and the customer. All Sales terms and conditions, Service Level Agreement  can be downloaded from the afriQloud portal. Any deviation from one or more provisions are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by afriQloud. 

Training sessions

In order to get you started on our cloud platform, we provide regular training sessions. These sessions take place over two days. Depending on your needs, you can choose to join on one or both of those days. In the schedule you can find which topics will be handled on each day.

Please fill in the form below to participate in one of the upcoming sessions. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Schedule day 1

 Basic training 


Tuesday 10 am – 3 pm CET

10 am: Introduction

10.15 am: Basic concepts and functionality

11.15 am: Hands-on with the portal 

12 pm: Lunch break

1 pm: Continuing hands-on

2.45 pm: final Q&A

Thursday 3 pm – 7 pm CET (9 am – 1 pm EST)

3 pm: Introduction

3.15 pm: Basic concepts and functionality

4.15 pm: Hands-on with the portal 

5 pm: Continuing hands-on

6.45 pm: final Q&A

Schedule day 2

Advanced features


Wednesday 10 am – 3 pm CET

10 am: Getting started with the CLI

11.30 am: Backups with Restic

12 pm: Lunch break

1 pm: Terraform provider

2.45 pm: final Q&A

Friday 3 pm – 7 pm CET (9 am – 1 pm EST)

3 pm: Getting started with the CLI

4.30 pm: Backups with Restic 

5 pm: Terraform provider

6.45 pm: final Q&A

VCO certification

The only thing we really require from our VCO’s is your commitment and your time. Get to know our platform, learn how it works, it might take some time but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Once you’ve completed the training sessions, you will receive your own afriQloud certification, a sign of our belief in you. You’re now ready to market your own branded cloud!

VCO certification