Your own branded cloud

No maintenance

Decide your own margin


No upfront investment

Data remains locally


Customer Ownership

Easy migrations

We take the hassle out of migrating by providing the tools and skills you need to move your customers into your own cloud.

Our skilled A-Team guides you through the process and we have some amazing tools to help you migrate data and solutions quickly and easily.

S3 Storage solutions

Our S3 compatible object storage is a service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance.

With S3 your customers can retrieve any amount of data from anywhere in the world at anytime they want. It's charged by the storage used and not in bundles or chunks. Our S3 solution is pay per use and compatible with multiple tools from different vendors.

Edge cloud solutions​

Thanks to your own branded Edge Cloud platform you can bring data storage and cloud computing closer to your customers.

This will provide them with faster data processing near the data source, reducing latency issues.
On top of that, you can set your pricing per customer.


Invented by Google and running in production workloads for many years, Kubernetes is one of the best ways to get portability, extensibility and it facilitates both declaritive configuration and automation.

By the end of Q2 our white label cloud solution will fully support the automated creation of Kubernetes clusters by using the Rancher (OpenSUSE) Kubernetes distribution.

Intrigued? Try our demo!

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