The Pan African Cloud Grid

At afriQloud we are passionate about building a modern, secure and distributed cloud throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Use our cloud to deploy applications and services quickly and easily, scaling out to any size when the need arises. You can deploy you application in several countries easily.


We leverage block chain technology to secure our infrastructure to provide peace of mind to our client together with our distributed cloud grid for resilience and redundancy.


Our transparent and affordable prices will offer you the best value for money without any hidden costs allowing them to scale their services quickly and easily.

Our Story

The Pan African Distributed Cloud Grid

afriQloud is a partnership of several selected hi-tech companies (mainly telco and Internet) with the aim of bringing their technology to emerging markets, Africa in particular. In 2016 the founders believed that there was great opportunity to bring cloud technology (  to the African continent.

afriQloud has incorporated a subsidiary in Uganda – afriQloud Uganda Limited – from where it has started to build a business which is to expand throughout a minimum of 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. afriQloud is building a cloud grid which provides users with local, in-country compute and storage capacity to run IT workloads and use the system for storage of data in a secure cloud environment. afriQloud Africa operates as a provider of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. We offer our services based on pay-as-you-go and subscription models: we deliver digital Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

It is due to our experience and network in this domain, combined with our distributed and highly scalable solution, that we are capable of building compelling value propositions for large enterprises, SME’s and governments in sub-Saharan Africa at an affordable price point.

With our large footprint, we will be one of the first movers as a cloud service provider on the African continent with a local multi-country solution that is capable of performing in multi-cloud environments. Therefore, we are an add-on to all big players in this field and we will provide a distribution layer for Tech companies (mainly SaaS players) who require local presence (data sovereignty) on the African continent for either privacy purposes or technological (Edge computing) reasons.

What We Do Best


Deploy any work load without worrying about hardware and reliability.


Unlimited secure and reliable space for your data with ability to easily scale.


A self healing platform that requires minimal need for human intervention.

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